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& Craig Keegan

This is a directory of eBooks that I have prepared over time.
This list will grow oevr time as I get more of them up here for you

Some are free, others are not sorry.

How To Get Clients Introduced And Hand Delivered To You

So you want more clients. You are sick and tired of chasing new leads, making sales presentations, the same ones over and over again (because yes it is the first time the prospect has heard it). You are already busy with way too much to do than deal with tyre kicking, cheap skate leads that are “just looking around”. What that means is they are price checking and wasting your time. So how can you get qualified clients delivered to you?

LinkedIn Profile Setup Guide

You are here to get a professional LinkedIn profile as quickly and easily as possible… That is exactly what is going to happen! There are several different LinkedIn techniques that produce results; we want to maximise your impact through the fewest steps possible. Focus on the three R’s to focus your LinkedIn profile · Retouch your profile photo · Redo your headline Retargeting your summary

The top 5 secrets for professionals to connect and work

Building Stronger Relationships Ask better Questions Have An Abundance Mentality Build A Reputation Become A Better Connector

11 Surprising Statistics About Referrals And Why You Need A Referral Program

For you or your business, what would be a great increase in revenue for the next 12 months?
Referral marketing is simply word-of-mouth, and it has been there since the first human transaction was ever made. It may very well be the second oldest transaction around.... I don’t think I want to mention the first… If people get great service or products, they only sometimes tell a friend.When they get bad service or a product, they tell everyone.They need an incentive and the ability to refer clients. This is up to us....

The Power Of Referrals

This eBook is intended to provide you with a direction forward in creating more Clients using Referrals. You may not be in a position to implement all of them right now, it will give you the steps to take to get moving and start getting more clients.

Leverage Your Online LinkedIn Profile & get Noticed

As a business professional, it’s high time you raised your online prole on LinkedIn to build industry influence, amplify your brand, and drive significant opportunities and business success… because everyone else is, including your competition. LinkedIn is a critical means of communicating personal and business brands to the world, and a goldmine of opportunities for those who fully use their prole to reveal industry authority and promote executive expertise

Would You Like To Own Your Own Home?

This is a Free eBook on how you can get into the property market as a consumer.

Would You Like To Own Your Own Home?

How can you get Free Media Coverage? 30+ pages of absolute gems. More Leads, this will bring in income for you. This is a long-term strategy. Access to Media Citations, this allows you to use the Media organisations Logo, such as “As seen on CBS….” This is to build credibility and to allow you to get more Media coverage. This is an immediate strategy. This is not a quick process; this is a long-term advertising and promotional strategy

Other Available Client Acquisition Programs

3 Step Client Boosting Program

Free 45 minute program designed to find you hidden clients in your existing database.

Profile Branding Boosting Program

50 things you can do to:-
- Build your Profile
- Raise your Brand
- Attract more High Quality Clients

Rapid Referral Kickstart Program

Totally focused on generating referral partners, building systems for clients to pass you referrals. This is a system that will generate High Quality Clients into the future and grow your business and build an asset

Property Profits Network Mastermind

This is the flag ship program, putting you together with other Property Industry Professionals on a regular basis, passing clients to one another, passing service industry professionals, along with promoting each other.